1. more hooping photos in my fringey skirt

  2. so there’s a “super vivid colors” setting on my new camera and I love it!

  3. breezyteh:

    Warm enough to start hula hooping outside again. yay! :D Better practice :)

  4. youalreadynoeit:

    nothing I love more

  5. (Source: muddledmoon)

  6. mewanieee:

    šŸ’•ā˜€ļøšŸŒ€ my hoop is the love of my life

  7. siguenlasanotaciones:

    Romina Micheletty - Cirque dā€™ Hiver Bouglione - Paris

  8. cudragoste:

    This video had to be cut short due to my dog being naughty in the back x,x

  9. spreespins:

    Hoopy Easter!

  10. jesxinedread:

    Sunset hoopin