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  2. hoopyinhawaii:

    Amazing hooper art by Claire Godbee! You can find her work at www.facebook.com/clairegodbeeart

  3. stringourselvesup:

    my one day off this week

    h00p life man

  4. hippyearthchild:

    my bestie took some amazing photos of me hooping 

    she’s awesome. check out her website http://bbalancedphotography.4ormat.com

    & the rest of the photos ~ http://bbalancedphotography.4ormat.com/hippie-girlfriend


  5. spinninglovestory:

    Beginner Hooping: A self teaching tutorial list.

    The issue lies, as a beginner, in knowing where to start, what to learn and in what order. I have compiled a list of tutorials for you to follow as you start out on your journey. I have primarily included moves I consider to be the building blocks of hooping - the basics which will set you up for all other moves to come.

    For the-crane-dance and anyone else learning to hoop dance by themselves!

    I might do some follow on posts with more beginner and intermediate moves but this basically covers all of your foundation moves.

  7. hoopingdotorg:

    Leany spins up her LED hoop in this stunning photo by Alissa Rose Imagery. Love it! She lives in San Diego, California, USA. View full size and like/comment on hooping.org.

  8. wild-hippie:


  10. darling-nymph:

    Myself and another hooper dancing with our LED hoops at Sterling Stage’s Ameribeat: Festival of the Arts, in Sterling NY.